The Coalition of American Voices represent
American voices of all ancestries, religions,
and socio-economic backgrounds.

      We believe:


  1. That an ontologically real God, not the government, grants every American certain unalienable rights.


  1. That We the People grant power to those who hold public office; government does not grant liberty, or dignity, to we the People.


  1. That the true dignity of a man is based upon the content of his character, not the color of his skin.


  1. That American citizens have the right to Life, Liberty and Personal Freedom-freedom without the unnecessary intrusion of governmental agents, or those who govern in our name.


  1. That as a nation, we cannot spend our children's and grandchildren's inheritance on the passing pleasures of today.


  1. That we will oppose all who level the charge of racism against those who affirm these Truths.